Announcement of my candidacy for Alaska State Senate seat N (Districts 27 & 28 – Wasilla & surrounding area) 

by Robert Yundt
February 19, 2024

Serving my community this last 4 years as your Assemblymember & most recently as Deputy Mayor for a year has been the biggest honor of my life.  

I’ve poured my heart & soul into protecting our pocket books, our personal freedoms & our way of life in the Mat-Su Borough but there’s a limit to how much positive impact I can make at this level.  

For that reason I’ve filed to run for State Senate.  

Below I will bullet point a few of the policy areas that I plan to work on daily if you elect me as your next State Senator.  

I’ve also attached a link to my website where you can get more details or my contact in case you’d like to visit more about these issues or any others. 

  • Returning as much state controlled lands back to all Boroughs so they can auction the land to Residents & help bring down the high cost of housing in Alaska. The state doesn’t pay property taxes like private sector does so this will help w/ education & road maintenance funding as well.  
  • Protecting our fish & wildlife. Prioritize resident hunters & guides over non residents. Replace impassable fish culverts statewide so our salmon numbers come roaring back.  
  • Expanding our state economy through responsible mining/timber development so we’re not solely dependent on oil revenue. 
  • Alaska has more timber than any other state & the industry once accounted for 4K high paying jobs. Alaska spent 90M fighting wild fires last year & only sold 1M in timber sales. If we start reversing those numbers we’ll wind up with a better economy, a more balanced state budget & a much safer state as well.  
  • Protecting our elders & make it more affordable to retire in Alaska by increasing the property tax exemption for Seniors & Disabled Veterans statewide like I recently did in the MSB. My local MSB legislation increased it from 218K a year to 264K/yr. I also tied it to inflation so it will forever adjust annually on it own.  
  • Expanding school choice options for parents & students. More hands on, trade based programs for high school students so they leave school ready for the workforce. Alaska has the top ranked charter schools in the nation, all of which have massive waiting lists. We need to expand charter schools asap.  
  • Protect our Daughters from boys who want to compete against them in sports or use their bathrooms. It saddens me I even have to mention this. How far backwards have we gone as a society when our elected officials refuse to protect women in this country from aggressive or confused men?  
  • Election integrity. Cleaning up our voter rolls is LONG overdue.  
  • Alaska is the least friendliest place in the country to operate a business. We must reduce red tape so we can grow our economy & create high paying jobs  
  • The state budget will be one of my primary areas of focus. My entire professional life revolves around budgets/finance. Since getting elected in the MSB we’ve ran the Borough like a business & the results speak for themselves. I will fully emerse myself in the State Budget & focus on broadening our economy just as I’ve done locally & in my professional life.  

In closing I want to say this. I didn’t grow up aspiring to run for office. Anyone who did is either crazy or ill-intentioned. I woke up one day in 2020 as a father of 6, deeply concerned with the direction the MSB & Alaska were headed in so I decided to do something to make it better. Four years later I find myself living in a State where the only thing many of our elected officials want to discuss is how much of the PFD they can steal rather than moving Alaska forward.  

At 64 years old, Alaska is a very young State. We have time to fix it if we get started sooner rather than later. My great grandfather & family didn’t move here from Pennsylvania generations ago so they could wallow in red tape or bureaucracy. Or be surrounded by weak kneed men who won’t even consider legislation to protect our daughters sports or bathrooms.  

They came here looking for opportunity, a great place to raise their family & personal freedoms. The time is now if we want to right the ship & get this amazing state back on course.  

The only way we can do that is with elected officials who aren’t afraid to stand up for what is right & for that reason I’m officially running for Alaska State Senate Seat N.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions or would just like to visit about this amazing state feel free to call, email or text anytime.  


Rob Yundt  

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” — George Washington 

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