Fostering Alaskan Prosperity: a case against state taxes. 

by Robert Yundt
March 25, 2024

Alaska stands at a critical juncture in its economic trajectory, with discussions once again swirling around the potential of state income or sales taxes. This conversation came to a head in Juneau almost a decade ago, culminating with then Governor Walker deciding it would be a good idea to start stealing large portions of the PFD without a vote of the people.  

One need only look at the struggles of other states post-income tax implementation to understand the pitfalls. California & New York, once economic powerhouses, have faced significant challenges as a result of high taxes. Residents & businesses alike have been fleeing to more tax-friendly environments like Texas & Florida, eroding the tax base & creating budgetary strains.  

A bit closer to home & it’s no wonder Anchorage has had its credit rating lowered multiple times in recent years. Anchorage, home to some of the highest property tax mill rates in the nation, has shown no hesitation when it comes to passing bonds (borrowing) to pay for the smallest of items. Rather than slowing down & forward funding (saving) for such items, they continually borrow the money, passing the loan fees & interest to the residents for decades to come.  

History teaches us that over taxing residents often yields unintended consequences like stifling economic growth & burdening residents. Instead, Alaska’s focus should be on reducing or at the very least capping state spending while at the same time nurturing economic expansion through responsible resource development, technological innovation & reducing the many bureaucratic hurdles slowing private enterprises.  

Alaska possesses immense untapped potential in sectors like mining & timber. Responsible mining practices can unlock valuable mineral resources, creating high paying jobs & revenue streams while at the same time reducing the cost for local products to be manufactured. Similarly, sustainable timber harvests not only contribute to the economy but also promote environmental stewardship.  

Streamlining regulations & reducing bureaucratic red tape are imperative. Excessive regulations stifle entrepreneurship & deter investment. By fostering a business-friendly environment Alaska can attract capital & talent, fueling economic growth organically that benefits us all.  

Crucially, Alaskans hold dear our personal freedoms. Imposing additional taxes would infringe upon these liberties. Taxes not only diminish disposable income but represent a governmental overreach that contradicts Alaska’s ethos of independence & self-reliance. 

Instead of burdening Alaskans with more taxes, policymakers should prioritize investing in infrastructure, mineral development & reducing red tape. By staying true to our values of personal freedom & self-determination, Alaska can chart a course towards a vibrant & resilient economy for generations to come. 

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