My proudest policy achievements since being elected.

  • Sponsored lifetime term limit legislation for Mayor & Assembly (no more career politicians)
  • Lowered Mill Rate every year since being elected. It's now the lowest in over 30 years
  • Sponsored legislation to increase the Senior Citizen & Disabled Veteran property tax exemptions from 218K to 264K per year & also tied it to inflation so it will adjust annually
  • Helped repeal a previously adopted anti 2nd Amendment gun range ordinance then sponsored legislation to change MSB code & require if any future Assembly passes another Ordinance pertaining to guns it will not become law until the voters approve it during the next election
  • Fought passionately to bring the 2024 Arctic Winter Games to the Mat-Su Valley
  • Critical 4th vote to donate land to a local non profit youth shooting organization. It will forever be a world class shooting range for Mat-Su Borough students
  • Created a new 2 year Fire Science program for Juniors & Seniors where they can earn certifications that are nationally recognized.
  • Fought tirelessly to expand trades based training & opportunities for our high school students so they graduate ready for the workforce.
  • Structured the financial agreement to build the new Mat-Su Central homeschool with zero debt. Once it's done this will save taxpayers close to a million dollars a year in wasted rent
  • Stopped the MSB from becoming a 1st Class Government or adopting a Strong Mayor form of Government (neither benefits Residents, only the Government)
  • Fixed the Government Hill sledding hill & re-opened it to the public
  • The MSB has paid off over 60 Million in debt during my 3 years & I've not approved borrowing a single cent more.
  • Increased revenue at Port MacKenzie
  • Sponsored multiple community wide clean-up events
  • I donate my Assembly Salary to Alaskan nonprofits


  • 4 years of fiscal responsibility in the Mat-Su.
  • Lowered property tax Mill Rate by 19%.
  • Paid off over $60M in debt for the Mat-Su since I was elected.
  • Funded over $60M in road projects without new debt.
  • Increased revenue at Port MacKenzie.
  • Increased timber harvest in the MSB.
  • Prioritizes economic growth through responsible mining & mineral development.
  • Plans diverse income streams for a balanced state budget.
  • Built the new Houston High school and currently constructing the new Mat-Su Central School without any debt.


  • I sponsored legislation for a 21% property tax exemption increase for Senior Citizens & Disabled Vets and tied exemptions to inflation for ongoing support.
  • Constructed 78 housing units of Senior Housing in Wasilla.
  • Strong advocate for seniors’ well-being.
  • We must make Alaska affordable for retirement, lessening relocation to the lower-48.