The Benefits of Public Charter Schools: it’s time to give Alaskan parents, students & taxpayers what they deserve.  

by Robert Yundt
April 8, 2024

Charter schools in Alaska were recently ranked #1 overall in the United States by the University of Harvard. A link to the study is in the comments. 

Pretty exciting news considering Alaska ranks near dead last Nationally in every aspect of education.  

Alaskan charter schools have been a subject of intense debate lately, with proponents highlighting their benefits in fostering innovation, promoting parental choice & improving educational outcomes for students. I firmly agree it is essential to recognize the significant advantages that charter schools offer to students, families & communities.  

Those critical of Charter Schools primary argument is the lack of accountability. I disagree, who else is better for a school to be held accountable to more than the parents who often make up the board of directors that run the school? These boards made up of parents represent the ultimate form of accountability, which is local control rather than control from Juneau or Washington DC.  

The recent study by the University of Harvard also stressed the benefit students from the lowest economic status receive. Charter schools benefit all children from all walks of life by involving more parents in the process. How does it get any better than that? Charter schools typically also have a much better ratio of students per teacher, which is critical when trying to achieve high results.  

In closing, Charter schools provide parents with a valuable choice in their children’s education. This freedom of choice promotes parental involvement & engagement, as parents become active participants in their children’s educational journey, working in partnership with educators to ensure academic success. Alaska’s charter schools have demonstrated massive success in improving educational outcomes & I will continue to be an advocate for more parental choice for our children’s educational options.  

Additionally, charter schools create healthy competition within the education sector. By introducing competition, charter schools incentivize surrounding schools to strive for excellence & continuously improve their educational offerings. This competitive dynamic fosters innovation, drives efficiency, & ultimately benefits students by raising the overall quality of education available to them which is exactly what our parents, students & taxpayers deserve.  

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